Equity Lab

equityLab: July 2019



equityLab is a summer program for high school students of color who are curious about architecture.

In July 2019, selected students of color from New York City’s Talent Unlimited High School will have the opportunity to take part in a short summer program that will introduce them to the field of architectural design.

Through drawing and model making, students will work individually and in small groups to create an architectural design project. They will use their background in visual and performing arts - alongside newly acquired skills in design - to bring their architectural project to life.

In addition to creative design work, equityLab participants will visit the offices of architects and designers of color practicing across New York City, in order to instigate dialogue and mentorship opportunities between existing practitioners and a new generation of architects from under-represented backgrounds.

The program is free and is generously supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, with sponsorship from the Van Alen Institute.

Only current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply.


Important: Program Dates

You must be able to attend on ALL days

Wednesday July 10, 8am to 4pm

Thursday July 11, 8am to 4pm

Monday July 15, 8am to 4pm

Tuesday, July 16, 8am to 4pm

Wednesday July 17, 8am to 4pm

Thursday July 18, 8am to 4pm

Monday July 22, 8am to 4pm

Tuesday July 23. 8am to 4pm

Wednesday July 24, 8am to 4pm