Martin/Del Real Studio Exhibition Video


This video was compiled and produced by Mustafa Faruki for the GSAPP End of Year Exhibit, May 2010. Projects by: Adrian Castineira, Luca Farinelli, Jocelyn Froimovich, Youngchae Lee, Marc Leverant, Joaquin Mosquera Casare, Johanna Muszbek, Robert Passov, Bart-Jan Polman, Chia-Sui Tang, Stephanie Tung. For information on the studio "Public Housing in Bombay" and its participants, click HERE. Video music from album "Migration" by Nitin Sawhney.

Animated Computation Two

Vid for Animated Computation 2, Columbia GSAPP 2010, Chris Whitelaw, critic; Naomi Ocko, TA. Modeling, expressions, and animation in Maya. Compiled in AE. For ambient occlusion good times, click here. To hear the full song by Shiraz Uppal (and see the somewhat bizarre video) click here.